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Attention: a new era for ad performance with predictive neuroscience A.I.

April 7, 2022
2 minutes

On June 8th 2023, Emerce held its annual Emerce Digital Marketing Live event in Amsterdam. Over 2,000+ people lined up to get educated on trends and insights in Media, advertising and e-commerce. Dentsu and Braingineers presented on the new era for ad performance with predictive neuroscience A.I.

Attention Economy

Melvin van Gom, Partnership Director at dentsu Benelux, kicked-off the presentation by educating the audience on The Attention Economy and dentsu’s strategy specifically tailored to this. He covered the undisputable Value of attention (Unseen is unsold) and showed us that advertising is a battle for attention. He explained that only 1% of people’s precious time and attention is gives to advertisers to make their mark. The challenge is to build memory-structures by having consumers spend (more) time on your brand ,time they don’t have. Melvin showed us how they help customers move to  ‘buying media on attention’, instead of CPM. Here, ‘eyes-on-ad’ is leading, not the potential eyeballs that could have seen your ad.

Capturing Instant Attention with neuromarketing

Roger van der Spek took over from here, focusing on the ‘eyes-on-ad’ subject. Based on neuro/biological drivers, the human brain is triggered to instantaneously respond to certain visual stimuli. Scientific studies showed that these stimuli, like shape, contrast, form, location, colours, faces, and various other drivers and sub-drivers trigger the brain to look at something. By converting this into predictive A.I. models and a tool, it is possible to measure (or force) someone’s attention. Roger explained how instant attention (up to 3 seconds after exposure) and instant eye-tracking heatmaps can validate ad campaigns. And when this can be tested, ads can also be engineered to get noticed. Creatives determine a campaign’s success for over 45%. For the most part, this is related to creativity, engagement, emotional connection, etc. However, before being engaged, consumers have to notice the ad, which is exactly what Brainsight is built for.

Download the full presentation (pdf) here

Melvin van Gom (dentsu) - Attention Economy
Beurs van Berlage - queuing up

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