Ensure Consumer Attention.

Brainsight leverages predictive eye tracking technology to optimize ads, websites and more.

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Battle for Attention

With attention spans of less than 8 seconds, and 6000+ ads hitting us every day, consumer's attention is a scarcity.

With Brainsight it becomes a certainty.

Use Brainsight for

UX | Usability

Bring your UX design to the next level

Analyze: Insert a URL or upload or drop a file and start analyzing your designs with our heatmaps and attention scores. It's that fast, It's that simple.
Optimize: Check how much attention is drawn to a specific element or CTA on your landing page. Compare multiple variants and choose the most effective one.
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Video optimization

Video heatmaps

Use video heatmaps to measure effectiveness and viewing behavior 
Video clarity: do viewers focus on the right elements or is their gaze (too) cluttered? 
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social- and display ads

Ad performance

Ensure your ads resonate with your audience before starting your campaign.
Ad effectiveness. Stop guessing and validate your ads on visual performance and design clarity.
Benchmark display- and social ads with competing ads in their context. Which performs best in an ad category? 
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print and outdoor

Out of Home ads

With Brainsight, there is finally a way to pretest your DOOH performance
Optimize your campaign before go-live
Measure DOOH ad performance against your industry's benchmark
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Pre-testing YouTube campaigns

How the leading YouTube Agency in The Netherlands uses Brainsight.
Yannick Abrahams
Managing director Labs, Team5pm


Optimize your UX- and Ad designs to grab your target audience's attention
Eye tracking heatmaps enable you to analyze  viewers behavior. Ensure that your most important content is attention grabbing and optimize the clarity of your designs.
Ad pretesting
Pretest display ads, social ads and (digital) out-of-home advertising on visual performance and benchmark them against competing ads before your campaign goes live.
Analysis tools
Use built-in tools to validate and optimize UX / Ad designs, CTA's, or copy. Get valuable insights from heatmaps and performance scores to make the right choices for your ad, brand, or website.
We have benchmarked 10.000+ ads and websites, so you don't have to. Track exactly how your campaigns are performing compared to peers in your industry.
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