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Dynamic advertising with HTML5

April 7, 2022
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This trend in HTML5 advertising is to create more interactive and engaging advertisements that deliver a better user experience and provide more accurate measurement and tracking capabilities.

Benefits of HTML5 advertising:

HTML5 offers several advantages for advertising, including:

  1. Cross-device compatibility: HTML5 is compatible with multiple devices and platforms, making it easier for advertisers to reach their target audience across different screens.
  2. Improved performance: HTML5 offers faster loading times and improved animation capabilities, which can lead to more engaging advertisements.
  3. Better user experience: HTML5 enables advertisers to create interactive and immersive advertisements that offer a more engaging experience for the user.
  4. Enhanced measurement and tracking: HTML5 allows for more accurate tracking and measurement of ad performance, which can help advertisers make better decisions about their campaigns.

Standing out (in the crowd)

Initially, animated banners were automatically standing out when plugged into the Google display network or at publishers / affiliate networks. Now that the market is catching up, grabbing attention with the creative is key again. Luckily, HTML5 gives you plenty of options to experiment with: 

  1. Interactive elements: HTML5 banners can include interactive elements, such as buttons and animations, that allow viewers to interact with the ad in a meaningful way. This can increase the viewer's engagement with the ad and keep their attention focused on it for longer.
  2. Video and audio: HTML5 banners can incorporate video and audio, which can be more attention-grabbing than static images. Video and audio can help tell a story and create an emotional connection with the viewer, which can increase their engagement with the ad.
  3. Responsive design: HTML5 banners can be designed to respond to the viewer's device and screen size, which can create a more optimal viewing experience and increase their attention to the ad.
  4. Personalization: HTML5 banners can use data and targeting to personalize the ad experience for each viewer. This can increase their engagement with the ad and make it more relevant to them, which can lead to higher levels of attention.

By incorporating these and other interactive elements, HTML5 banners can increase attention from viewers and create a more engaging and memorable ad experience.

Data-driven campaigns

Although animated ads are prone to capture attention, distractions and clutter of the ad’s context plays a major role in getting the right attention. 

Brainsight supports HTML5-formatted ads. It helps validate them, providing valuable insights into how viewers interact with the advertisement. 

By analyzing the visual elements of the ad and predicting where the viewer's attention is drawn to, Brainsight’s attention score and the instant eye-tracking heatmaps help understand the ad effectiveness. It gives you a tool to make data-driven decisions about how to improve/optimize the ads before launching a campaign. 

Brainsight and HTML

Brainsight has been integrated into several DCO's (Dynamic Content Optimization) platforms for programmatic advertising. With the increasing number of HTML5 banners and ads, Braingineers developed a specific methodology and bernchmark to predict instant attention for this format. It was tested in the DCO environment (through API) and now forms an integral part of the tool. With the ability to test HTML5 content, this format can now also be analyzed and optimized based on data-driven insights.

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