Empower CRO processes with attention analytics

Analyze live websites to boost optimization ideas & validate new UX designs.
Douwe Mohring, dentsu
Douwe Mohring
CRO Director, Dentsu
"We use Brainsight for and with our dentsu clients to get insights and input for our CRO activities. Brainsight provides great intel for A/B testing hypotheses for both UX and advertising"
Dave Powell
Experimentation Lead, Webfleet
"Brainsight feeds our ideation process. We've uncovered deeply insightful data on what grabs our prospects attention and the subsequent approach to design, testing and validation is now producing results we see in our KPIs"
Melvin van Gom, dentsu
Melvin van Gom
Partnership Director, Dentsu
“We partner with Braingineers and their neuromarketing solutions, such as Brainsight to tackle the attention economy challenges with our clients.”
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Use Brainsight's heatmaps to generate hypotheses for A/B testing, or validate existing hypotheses and optimization ideas.
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If you host your own platform, you can integrate Brainsight technology with our API. Request a demo for more info.

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