Increase advertising CTR with 59%

Stop guessing if your ad will be seen. Pre-test with Brainsight (API).
Roderick Reichenbach
CEO, Disxt
“In our DSP, with Brainsight API, we leverage the heatmaps and attention scores to improve CTR's through all our clients, and all campaigns.”
Maarten, Fix Marketing, Brainsight
Maarten Geerlings
Founder, FixMarketing
“Brainsight puts me on a different level with my clients and ensures me that I only publish the best version of the ads.”
Max Kalehoff
VP Marketing & Growth, Realeyes
"Attention alone doesn’t equal success, though nothing equals success without attention."
Average CTR increase for ads with an Attention score above 65.
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Ad impressions analyzed and counting.
Seconds needed for you to check your ads Attention score.

An impression does not equal a 'view'.

Attention alone doesn't equal success, but an impression without attention certainly doesn't result in a click.
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Attention score benchmark

Use our 600.000+ ads benchmark to predict actual views

Brainsight's attention score (1 to 100) predicts attention towards your ad compared to a huge set of competing ads.
Proven results: Ads with an Attention score above 65, on average reach a 59% higher CTR than ads with a score below 65.
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Proprietary template technology ©

Our unique solution uses a specifically created dataset of templates to accurately predict ad attention in real situations.
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Drive attention towards the right parts.

Use Brainsight's heatmaps to evaluate your creative design and the attention towards all areas.
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How it works

If you host your own DSP or asset management platform, you can integrate Brainsight technology with our API. Request a demo for more info.

Upload your assets

Drag and drop your assets in the Brainsight app and select the right dimensions for each asset.

Get an attention score

With an attention score above 65, you will likely hit a 59% higher CTR.
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Get heatmaps

Make sure that also the most important items, like a CTA, are receiving attention to increase CTR.

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