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Attention score validation study

If an ad is not seen, it won't convert. It sounds reasonable to assume that more attention grabbing ads will increase clicks. If we ensure that ads are better seen, will it result into more clicks, and therefore a higher CTR?

3. The ads are served via the Google Display Network to a large target group of marketeers.  Each ad was served until reaching a minimum of 5.000 impressions, so for the total group of ads this exceeded 150,000 ad impressions.

4. The ads are divided into group A (Attention score below 65), and group B (Attention score 65 or higher). The two groups are statistically (independent samples t-test) compared for ad metric 'CTR'.
If an impression is not being seen, it won't convert. By making ads stand out more in their context, it will result in more clicks (and thus a higher CTR).
1. We have created a dataset of 31 ads (for Brainsight). All creatives have the same consistent message, button and logo, but only differ by background image.

2. The creatives were tested in Brainsight to get an Attention score for each creative.  

+59,6% CTR

For group B (ads with Attention score of 65 or higher) the average CTR was 59,6% higher than the average CTR of group A.
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"Attention alone doesn’t equal success, though nothing equals success without attention."
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